straightfreemod (straightfreemod) wrote in straightfree,


Hello and welcome to StarightFree.

This is a community dedicated to a drug and alcohol free existance. This is a positive community meant to instill a sense of pride and community amongst those strong enough not to give in to the temptations in this hedonistic society in which we dwell.

There are many straight edge boards and communities out there but not all of those who are drug free call themselves straight edge. Straight edge is a confining term and I want people to feel free to speak their mind in here.

The purpose of this community is to try to share your drug free experiences with other people. I'd like to see people suggest drug free and positive activities to help support other drug free youths. If someone has a problem or question please help them and lets keep this about being positive and see where the members of the community take this.

Its In YOUR hands, please keep the drug free lifestyle alive!
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